IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY   So you are ready for battle.   You have chosen a family lawyer.  Letters are beginning to pass back and forth between your, and your partners’, lawyers.  You have gathered up a long list of financial documents.  Your lawyer has introduced you to a financial planner to begin…


It sounds trite.  But feedback received after nearly 15 years as a family lawyer tells me it is true.  The best revenge is living well.  As family lawyers, our first meeting with our clients often occurs when they are at an emotional low-point.  If their spouse has resolved to end their relationship, they may be…

The devil’s in the detail

The law is constantly evolving. Especially family law. Not a week goes by that we do not read a decision in which the Court has interpreted existing law in a ‘new’ way, or applied existing concept to fresh situations. That is because family breakdowns themselves are so unique, and wide-ranging.

Working together to plan a life apart

A growing number of couples are turning to collaborative law to resolve complex family law cases to avoid the cost, stress and emotional toll of protracted courtroom battles. This fresh approach enables couples to resolve the issues arising from separation openly, honestly and fairly, without seeing the inside of a courtroom

How to choose a family lawyer

Are you thinking of getting a divorce or separating?

Finding a good family lawyer can be the best investment in your financial future you will ever make.